South tech beauty supply

south tech beauty supply

There are slightly over 130 functional ambulances in nairobi with about 80 of them in active daily operation. As per the who, there requires about a further 70 ambulances in the city alone to satisfy the 1 ambulance to 50,000 people ratio. Many of the dormant ambulances have been grounded as a result of lack of demand, when in reality, lack of access to this infrastructure leads to loss of thousands of lives annually in the city alone. This worrying statistics are replicated across other African and developing countries cities. In Kenya, during medical emergencies, ambulances are the 5th transportation response option considered by many trailing behind to private vehicles, motorcycles, public transport and being carried or walked to the hospital which further emphasizes the fact that many victims lack appropriate access to them. What are some of your products and how has uptake been like since you launched?

We are addressing poor access to frequency emergency services. In Kenya and many other African and Third world countries, there is a general lack of integrated emergency services that the public can easily access to receive timely emergency care. There is also poor coordination of major incident management activities. A lack of a national incident command system and a lack of national standard emergency operational procedures often leads to uncoordinated efforts. According to statistics done by the ipoa(Independent Police oversight Authority) in Kenya in 2014; 75000 of major assaults occur annually and yet only 20 get reported to authorities. They have attributed this to poor linkage between the authorities and the people; hence this is the problem we have set out to achieve. Nairobi alone averages about 10 car jackings per day and most of these are often responded due to the lack of efficient communication between victims and potential help. In most African cities, criminal activities are on the rise with the general increase in modernization. It is estimated that there are nearly 50 different numbers to call in nairobi for health emergency help. In summary, these are: 2 central hotlines 24 ambulance numbers 21 public and private hospitals some unrecorded ones.

south tech beauty supply
press volume down to trigger a distress. This distress notification contains the users exact gps coordinates, their name, phone number and other bio data(gender, blood group, allergenes, preferred hospital. The distress is sent to your next of kin and to the online response center of the emergency provider. The service provider receives the distress, opens it and prompts the platform to automatically pick out the nearest agent from the person in distress and forward it to their agent app. The agent receives the distress, opens it and is dispatched to respond. Our focus as of now is on four types of emergencies: medical emergencies, security emergencies, roadside rescue and gender-based violence. In each of these areas we seek emergency service providers that offer services in the respective sector and sign them up for our platform. We generate revenue by charging the private(for-profit) emergency providers monthly fee for using our platform based on the size their users. What market gaps are you filling?
south tech beauty supply

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I sadly realized that there was no way i could call for help. So one of them punched me in the gut and as I was writhing in pain they ransacked. The ordeal lasted for 5 minutes but afterwards, i saw a problem. I shared with my classmates James and Marvin and we began thinking of the problem and its solution. The current methods of accessing emergencies are slow cumbersome and ineffective on the other hand the emergency service providers are poorly linked to the people in distress which leads to slow responses, worsened injuries and some cases death. What is Usalama to a layman? Usalama is a mobile based platform that links its users to emergency service providers while providing access to real time data on an online response center. The platform has three interlinked components: an end user mobile app linked to the online response center for emergency providers which is in turn linked to the agent app for their field agents on the ground.

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Who will love it for her birthday! Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by sandra p from beautiful useful wallet I bought one for myself my daughter. We changed wallets immediately and must say they are so functional and pretty. The only suggestion I would like to offer is to allow for an id window (drivers license) on the outside pocket. Thank you for making the credit card pockets easy to get your cards in and out yet fit securely! This is a nice pretty functional piece for my purse i love your products and I have many of them that I have bought for myself and for gifts. Date published:, lug North/South rfid wallet - tandem reviews - page.

south tech beauty supply

The one important thing is keeping definition my cards safe, and it does not! The cards do not fit snugly into the slots. One of my cards fell out of the wallet. Very begin disappointed in the quality. Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by shopawh from Easy to Use i own two of these tandem wallets and find them slim and providing easy access to both cards and cash.

I like the rfid protection and the printed linings. Another reviewer mentioned the coin zip pocket is upside down, and I can see why they feel that way but I have not had an issue with any coins falling out. My cards are very easy to see and get to, more so than most every other wallet I have owned. I don't love the embroidered message on the spine of the wallet but still give this one 5 stars. Rated 4 out of 5 by dani46 from organizer the best organizer ever! I also bought one for a friend.

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I have been looking for a new rfid wallet since my old one was becoming too bulky and cumbersome. I have several Lug bags and decided to try their rfid wallet. It is roomy, functional and attractive. My cards, change, money, phone and check book fit perfectly. Rated 5 out of 5 by bonnie1 from love this wallet I have a hard time liking wallets but I love this one. Most wallets seem to be heavy and bulky but this one is light weight, lots of organization and so easy to use.

I have read some people have issues with their cards falling out. I have not had that issue at all. My cards move in and out easily without any struggle or worry of them falling out. I feel very secure with this wallet and I don't have to take for ever getting my money or cards in and out when i am at the check out line. Just ordered another one. Date published:, rated 2 out of 5 by teresaT from Almost lost my cards! The wallet is a great size, nice material.

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I disagree with exfoliating the others who state it needs a wrist strap and/or an id window. It is supposed to be a light-weight wallet, not a mini-purse. Adding anything else would add bulk and make it heavier. It is perfect just the way. I'm coming back today to order another one for me, and one for a mother's day gift. The carousel bag and this wallet were made for each other! Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by hilight44 from Perfection!

south tech beauty supply

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Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by polkadotmouse from Fits perfectly in the carousel bag! I ordered 6 of these at watch Christmas. One for me, my sister, best friend, daughter, and 2 daughters-in-law. I tucked a few gift cards into the ones given as gifts. I love mine, and the others were well received. I have lightened my load these days by carrying only the carousel bag. I own 5 of them in different colors and patterns. I change them out depending on my mood or the season. I was delighted to find a light-weight wallet that fits in that bag.

Three black pencils, the highest accolade in the creative industry, were awarded at the 56th d ad awards, with the ceremony held at The Old Truman Brewery in London on sa was responsible for six wood Pencils. นอกจากนียังทำงานชา และทำงานกับฟีเจอรใหม ของ google maps ไมไดอีกดวย หากตองการใชงาน google maps คุณจะตองอัปเดตไปใช เบราวเซอรทีทันสมัย เรียนรูเพิมเติม. Lug North/South rfid wallet - tandem is rated.2 out of 5 by 106. Rated 4 out of 5 by beach Babe from needs an id window would have been perfect but it needs an id window for a driver's License. Would have been easy to add at the bottom of the credit card slots. Can't seem to find the wallet with everything. This came really, really vitamine close!

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Use of cookies m uses cookies and the like for the purposes of statistical analysis, improving the friendliness and usability of our website, tailoring content to your interests, engaging with social media and for targeted advertising. By visiting our website, you consent to our and third party use of cookies as described in our privacy and cookie policy. Usalama technologies, a mobile based platform that links its users to emergency service providers while providing access to real time data on an online response center aims to end the slow cumbersome and ineffective emergencies services in the country using technology. The team believes that traditional emergency service providers are poorly linked to the people in distress which leads to slow responses, worsened injuries and some output cases death. TechMoran caught up with the team and here is what inspired them to start Usalama and what has kept them going. Briefly tell us about yourselves? I am Edwards Iganji, 24, an Informatics and Computer Science graduate from Strathmore University. I co-founded Usalama technologies with James Chege, 23, Informatics and Computer Science Graduate from Strathmore University and Marvin makau, 24,Informatics also a computer Science Graduate from Strathmore University. In 2012, i was a freshman in college and one evening while going home i was suddenly surrounded by four men at gun point.

South tech beauty supply
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    Ces 2017 wasn't for. Our easy to use system allows you to search for products online. Tristan Walker, who'd previously worked for Twitter and foursquare, created Walker and Company and its first product, a line of shaving products specifically for men of color with coarse, curly hair.

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    The l'oreal-owned hair care brand Kerastase worked with the tech company withings to come up with the hairbrush. He designed a business model used in each store that caused each location to be largely successful employing 18 full-time and part-time employees. Get"tion Now, fREE. Nielsen, the company that tracks everything from tv ratings to shopping habits, estimates that black people will have.3 trillion in buying power this year.

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    About our founder and President, devin Robinson launched 3 beauty supply stores in the Atlanta area with no beauty supply experience. Suppliers by country/Region, supplier Types, top 3 Markets, total revenue. As of 2013, black people purchased nine times more "ethnic beauty and grooming products" than any other racial group, and black households spent an average of 94 annually at health and beauty supply stores, nielsen reported. When it's long, they turn into s-shaped coils.

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    Buying Request Hub, haven't found the right supplier yet? Armed with intense business knowledge, he was able to succeed at opening 3 stores within an 18-month period after an unfavorable experience shopping at an Asian-owned store. And curly hair is lucrative business: In 2015, the research firm Mintel estimated that the sales of products for natural hair (a term black women use to describe hair that is not straightened with chemical relaxers) reached an estimated 946 million,.8 percent increase.

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